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The content of the pages of FIT FOOD LONDON website is for general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice. When using FIT FOOD LONDON meal prep website and information from the website it is entirely up to your own risk, FIT FOOD LONDON is not liable. Please make sure that the services, products and information available thru this website meets your specific requirements.
The ways customer interact on our website allows us to learn more about you. We collect and store information about the online activities of our visitors. We track the number of people that visit the pages and which pages they visit. Personally identifiable information you may choose to provide including your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card information. You have the option of whether to reveal this information or not. If you do not provide all required information, you may be denied access to certain sections of the website. We do not sell your information to mass marketing companies or other third parties. We use your information to distribute emails and advance our website. We may disclose aggregated information about our website to third parties for the purpose of analysing our web site traffic and optimizing content and promotions. We use industry standards to safeguard all our customers’ personal information. We may change, delete, move, rearranged or add to our website as needed. All promotions have expiration dates.
FIT FOOD LONDON Meal Prep has two options: pay as you go or the auto-renewal (subscription). If you do the auto-renewal your credit card or bank account will be billed every week same day, priced for the meal plan selected (plus s delivery fee). Please advise us in writing 2 days prior to your billing day if you no longer wish to auto-renew in writing to
All cancellations must be made in writing and emailed to All refunds will be issued as meal credits. If there is an issue with any of our meals please contact us as soon as possible.
All orders are delivered on Sundays and Thursdays. Delivery times cannot be specified and are subject to the weather, traffic, locations and the volume of deliveries.
If you wish to discontinue your entire program, please email Please be advised that you are obligated to complete your service through the end of your current cycle and no refunds will be given. If cancellation requests are not received at least 2 business days prior to auto-renewal, you will be automatically re-billed for another cycle and will be obligated to continue service through the end of that cycle.
All Cooler Bags and Ice Packs need to be left outside the door unless someone is at home. We kindly ask you to leave the bags empty outside and the ice packs not frozen. Please leave the bags in the condition it has arrived at the home. If for any reason the bags are damaged or lost the customer is charged £25 and each ice pack is £4.00
For our auto-renew customers please advice FIT FOOD LONDON if you got a new card, or if the card has been stolen or cancelled.
FIT FOOD LONDON Meal Prep cannot accommodate customers with severe or life-threatening food allergies. By signing up for FIT FOOD LONDON Meal Prep, you agree to our terms and conditions and understand that FIT FOOD LONDON Meal Prep is not responsible for any food-related allergic reactions that may occur whether it be mild or severe. We prepare our food in a facility that handles nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish and other common food allergens. We cannot guarantee any cross contamination. If you have a moderate to severe food allergy, we cannot serve you. Please contact Customer Service at 0800 009 6123 or at if you have any questions regarding this warning. FIT FOOD LONDON Meal Prep is released of any liability after meals are delivered.
The customer has 2 calendar days to return an item (meal) from the date it was received. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging. We ask the customer to notify FIT FOOD LONDON as soon as they can. Please call or email.
Once we receive your item, we shall inspect it and notify you. The customer will get a meal credit or the item will be remade and sent out. We are here to make our customer happy, so we will do what it take.
If you have any questions on how to return the item or any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are here for the customers. Email: