Fit Food London


We are the food innovation team, commonly known as FIT. We are a group of food lovers with a distinct passion for flavourful & healthier fast foods. The two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, but too often they are. So we’ve dedicated our time to changing the fast food industry as we know it, by bringing optimal wellness through our passion to develop innovative wholesome & flavourful healthy foods.
At FIT we take a holistic approach to wellbeing, our wellness strategy considers health from a whole-person perspective, covering physical and work-life balance.

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We are acutely aware of the public health issues and challenges of non-communicable diseases facing the UK population including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.
Our team of experienced chefs create each meal with passion and precision to deliver the nutrition your body needs. It’s no secret that processed foods poison the body creating disease and manifest illnesses in many ways, at FIT we believe being fit and healthy begins with what we put in our bodies.



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